The Read Zone

Are you an avid reader? The Read Zone is the perfect place to read book reviews and discover new authors. To find out for yourself simply click on the links below.

1. The Free Library of Philadelphia

SJPrep students are permitted to check out resources from any public library within the The Free Library of Philadelphia system. All you must do is apply for a library card. This can be done on the website.

2. Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA)

Want to know what other teens are reading? YALSA provides access to a variety of book award lists such as the Alex Awards, Nonfiction Award, and Morris Award.

3. Find a Book

In need of a new book to read? Find a  will help you personalize your search by selecting books based off of your interests and reading level.

4. Guys Read

Do you ever feel like most books cater to the interests of predominantly female audiences? The author Jon Scieszka felt so strong about this issue that he created a website dedicated to books for male readers

5. HarperTeen

Fueled by the major publishing house Harper Collins, HarperTeen provides a list of its best selling and acclaimed books.

6. Project Gutenberg

Are you an adamant reader of electronic books? Project Gutenberg provides access to over 46,000 free ebooks. What makes it even better is that these books are public domain. You do not have to worry about violating copy-right laws when you download books from Project Gutenberg.

7. NPR Books 

NPR Books is an excellent resource for reading book reviews and listening to author interviews. It is also a great website to check out if you like nonfiction books  or enjoying reading about current affairs.

8.  Junior Library Guild

The Junior Library Guild provides collection development services to middle and high schools across the United States. Listed on their website are links to a number of critically acclaimed book lists for teens.

9. Goodreads Teen Book List is a website that allows users to create a free profile and network with other readers. Members can write book reviews, suggest titles, and take a peek at what their friends are reading.

10. Teens | is a website powered by the Library of Congress that provides teens with access to free literary resources such as ebooks, author webcasts, and book lists.


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