Digital Citizenship

“Digital Citizenship” is how we interact online ethically, legally, and smartly. These resources will help you understand how to protect your online reputation and make sure your electronic trail doesn’t get you into trouble!

1. Microsoft Digital Citizenship Resources

Google yourself, what not to post, and more.

2. Cyberbullying 

Support for those being cyber-bullied.

3.  Music Piracy

Don’t get in trouble with the law! Know how to avoid illegally downloading music and other media.

4. Safety and Civility Advice for Anonymous Apps

Even if your name isn’t attached, you still need to think before you post anything on social media!

5. Strong Passwords 

A good password is a valuable thing. Concise guide to creating passwords that are hard to hack.

6. Common Internet Scams

You might know about the “Nigerian Prince” scam, but there’s more out there. Here’s a list of scams and fraud to watch out for. Learn how to protect yourself!

7. What is a Troll?

Recognize anonymous internet harassment for what it is–threatening and illegal.

8.  Cloud Computing

You use “cloud computing” everyday here at the Prep through Google docs and other associated apps. It’s a convenient way to store and access your data, but there are privacy and security concerns.

9. Social Media Data Mining

Your data isn’t as private as you think. Companies collect information on individuals and collectively through data mining, the process of sorting through the information people give away by “liking” or tagging things on Twitter, and what you have searched for and posted online.

10. National Security Agency  (NSA) Spying and the Edward Snowden Leaks

The Government also collects information on individuals through their activities online.

12. Your Phone Logs Where You Go

GPS in your phone logs where you go. It might even tag posts with your location if you’re not careful. Learn why, and how to turn it off if you choose for Android and iOS.


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