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Learn About the New iWatch

In April of 2015 Apple is set to release the iWatch for public consumption. Read the following articles to learn more about this groundbreaking device.

1)  http://www.techradar.com/news/portable-devices/apple-iwatch-release-date-news-and-rumours-1131043

2) http://www.nytimes.com/2014/09/05/technology/apple-smartwatch-and-bigger-iphones-to-be-introduced.html

3) http://www.apple.com/watch/


Books to get you ready for TED2015

TED Blog

T15_index_r2Counting the days ’til TED2015? Yeah: we are, too. Before the conference begins on March 16, dive into a great book written by one of our speakers.

Books from speakers in Session 1, “Opening Gambit”

National Insecurity: American Leadership in an Age of Fear, by David Rothkopf. The foreign policy specialist examines the way U.S. leaders have coped with our unprecedented state of vulnerability, threat and crisis.

Marina Abramovic: 512 Hours, by Marina Abramovic. A catalogue of works from throughout the legendary performance artist’s career.

Books from speakers in Session 2, “What Are We Thinking?”

Struck by Genius: How a Brain Injury Made Me a Mathematical Marvel, by Jason Padgett. Ever since a violent mugging, Padgett has seen the world in a completely new way. In this book, he explains how his brain injury gave him an unusual perspective.

Automotive Lighting and Human Vision, by…

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