Preparing for Finals

We always know when it is getting closer to finals in McShain Library because students become stressed. Whether it is the dog tired Freshmen who is passed out at his desk or the diligent Senior who is on edge because he is nervous about the upcoming religion test, stress affects each student and in different ways. Here are a couple of tips to help you manage your stress during finals:

1) Schedule your study time.

Buy a planner or use your phone to schedule time for studying and breaks. You will be thankful that you carefully planned your study time rather than cram at the last minute.

2) Spend the most time studying for difficult subjects.

With only a week before finals, your time is limited. Focus the hardest and longest on your difficult classes. Spend the least amount of time studying for your easiest classes.

3) Take breaks.

Human beings are not robots. We are meant to take breaks. Your brain needs down time in order to be efficient. Study for an hour an then take a 20 minute break.You will find that you focus better.

4) Eat a healthy diet.

You are what you eat. Filling your body with sugar-filled junk food will only make you tired once your blood sugar level crashes. Eat whole-foods such as vegetables, fruits, chicken, and grains. These meals will fill you up and not interfere with your blood sugar level.

5) Sleep!

Our bodies are not meant to go without sleep. Without sleep our minds cannot refresh. Having an unfresh mind makes it difficult to learn.

Good luck with finals!!!!!!!!!


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