Spotlight on Podcasts

What We’re Listening To: Spotlight on Podcasts

Ms. Counts

Freakonomics Radio

From the best-selling authors of “Freakonomics”. An economist looks at the unexpected side of the everyday. Explores questions such as “Is college really worth it?” and “Do expensive wines taste better?”

NPR TEDhour Podcast

TEDtalks highlites innovative thinkers, inventers, and activists. “Ideas worth spreading.” Podcast features rebroadcast of TEDtalks.


Ms. Tecosky

No Meat Athlete Podcast

Vegan ultramarathoner Matt Frazier runs on plants! He talks diet, fitness, and what it means to be a runner. Discusses how to set big goals and start new habits. How do you run a 100 mile race? One step at a time.

Song Exploder Podcast

What makes a song tick? Musicians take apart their songs and explain how they came to be. Features indie favorites the Postal Service, Blonde Redhead, and even the great Garbage.


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